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Built-to-Order Computers

All computers consist of these basic parts:

bulletRAM (Random Access Memory)
bulletROM (Read Only Memory, Ex. Hard Drive)
bulletVideo Card
bulletSound Card
bulletNetwork Interface Card
bulletCD-Rom Drive
bulletFloppy Drive

    The MOTHERBOARD is the component that determines whether the computer is Integrated or  Non-Integrated.

For those who just aren't sure:
In today's technology, there are two types of computers that you can purchase.  They are: Integrated, and Non-Integrated 

Integrated Computers

    Integrated Computers have most of the add in components ( sound card, video card, network card, modem) built into the MOTHERBOARD.  Thus, making the computer very inexpensive to build, and sell.  Some Integrated motherboards are upgradeable to an extent, some are not.  Only knowledgeable computer persons are able to distinguish if an Integrated motherboard can be upgraded.  Some upgrades can turn out costing much more than expected due to integrated motherboards.  A Integrated computer is great for the elderly as well as for business, but is not recommended for gaming.  If you encounter a salesman trying to sell you a computer, MAKE CERTAIN YOU DETERMINE WHETHER OR NOT THE PC IS INTEGRATED OR NOT (this will help you to better decide the price your willing to spend on a integrated PC)

    As you may guess, a non-integrated computer consists of a computer with independent components.  Ex. Sound Card, Modem, Video Card, Network Card.  If any of these components are not physical cards plugged into the motherboard, then the motherboard is Integrated!!  Non-Integrated computers are usually much more inexpensive to upgrade, however, they normally cost more at the time of building / purchasing.


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